About Us

The Westmead Research Hub undertakes projects that encourage collaboration – in sharing both physical resources and brain power of its members. The goal of the Hub is to grow Westmead as a world-leader in health and medical research by exercising our strength in numbers.

As part of the Charles Perkins Centre Network, CPC Westmead shares the same mission: to ease the burden of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease by enabling collaborative interdisciplinary research and education that translates into real-world solutions.

Kids Cancer Alliance (KCA) is one of seven Cancer Institute NSW Translational Cancer Research Centres incorporating research, clinical training, education and service delivery within a formal framework that links leading research and clinical centres.

NCIRS is a research organisation that provides independent expert advice on all aspects of vaccine preventable diseases and social and other issues related to immunisation to inform policy and planning for immunisation services in Australia.

The PACER Network is a joint initiative of The University of Sydney, and the Kids Research at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Westmead Hospital, and the Westmead Institute for Medical Research. The aim of the network is to facilitate knowledge exchange, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and innovation in conducting and implementing patient-centred outcomes research and patient involvement in research.

Paediatrio is a cooperative joint venture between Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN), Children’s Cancer Institute, and Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) established to coordinate and integrate paediatric research in Sydney and potentially NSW.

ProCan was established with a $10 million grant from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF). Over the next 5-7 years, scientists at CMRI are analysing tens of thousands of examples of all types of cancer from all over the world to develop a library of information to advance scientific discovery and enhance clinical treatment worldwide.

The development of the shared facilities and associated research synergies has led to the establishment of Sydney Cell and Gene Therapy, an entity created to support in-house innovative research and third party research organisations.