Visiting Professor Scheme

The Westmead Research Hub Executive has endorsed a scheme to bring a distinguished professorial level researcher from overseas or within Australia to the Westmead Research Hub for a short duration visit (2-3 weeks).  A maximum of $20,000 will be made available to cover all costs associated with the visit (airfares, transfers, accommodation, and living costs, etc.). The selected researcher should have broad appeal to hub members and enhance the skills of researchers by bringing expertise to the Westmead campus that complements the Hub strategic plan.

It is expected the selected professor would present seminars and be involved in meeting researchers from all Hub partners and at all academic levels (students, early-mid career researchers, senior researchers, Hub executive).
The selection of the visiting professor will be through a formal expression of interest process canvasing the Westmead research community.
The over-riding criteria for selection are:
  • the academic standing and achievements of the visitors in terms of their research;
  • their potential for making a substantial contribution to knowledge and skills of the Hub member institutions; and
  • the nature of the proposed programme for the visitor while here.
The Westmead Research Hub Executive is seeking expression of interest from researcher across the Hub for this scheme.
The Expression of Interest*
Will be a freeform document addressing all the following Criteria:
  1. A description of the international research profile of the nominee
  2. The particular knowledge / skills / expertise the nominee would bring to the Hub.
  3. The aspect / area of Hub strategic plan the nominee would complement through their visit (e.g. biobanking, bioinformatics, etc.)
  4. The proposed duration of the visit and approximate time of year (e.g. international researcher already coming to Australia for a national conference)
  5. Potential activities and proposed budget
  6. The name of the principle Hub researcher to oversee the visit and their institution
  7. Signed letters of support from senior hub researchers. There must be support from the majority of Hub member institutions
  8. The Curriculum Vitae of the nominee (short version)
  9. Written confirmation from the invited Professor they would come and engage in the stated activities if the visit was funded.
*A maximum of 4 A4 pages in 12 point font to cover items 1-6

Expressions of interest closed in March 2017. Stay tuned for updates on next years application dates.