Young Researcher Mentorship Breakfasts

Are you a young researcher of the Westmead Research Hub and want to hear how all the successful people of Westmead got to where they are? Would you like to get tips on how to navigate your way through the often complicated and frustrating life of a medical researcher? Well this is for you!

Once a month the Westmead Research hub will host a breakfast for all young researchers of Westmead that will feature a talk from a senior member of staff about the perils and pitfalls, the highs and lows and other life lessons to help you get through your degree or find your way as an early career researcher. We will aim to keep these talks authentic, honest and raw- the kind of stuff they don’t necessarily prepare you for in your coursework. 

The First Young Researcher Mentor Breakfast will be at 8am on 31st August featuring Visiting professor Angus Thomson from the University of Pittsburgh. Prof Thomson was the 2011 recipient of the  American Society of Transplantation Mentoring Award and the 2013 University of Pittsburgh Provost’s Mentoring Award so it is guaranteed to be a great 1st Westmead Research Hub Mentor Breakfast.
For catering purposes, If you wish to attend the breakfast please email with the subject line “Hub Mentor Breaky RSVP”.