Hub Equipment Search

The Westmead Research Hub is full of high quality working Scientific Equipment- This Equipment lookup shows you all the pieces of equipment that Hub partners wish to make available to you that aren't necessarily part of the Westmead Core Facilities. Is your centifuge broken down and you need to use one in a hurry? Are all your light microscopes being used and you urgently need to analyse a sample? Well this is the page for you!

Note: If you are a Westmead scientist or facility manager and you would like to list your equipment below, please download this template, fill in all the fields in, and email it to with pictures of your listed items. Note- This searchable database is a work in progress. We are constantly adding new equipment as it is submitted to us by equipment owners, and also optimising the search interface to make it easier for you to find equipment. Please check in regularly as this tool wil only get more accurate over time